Community Compact Program

Mayor Dan Rizzo is to be congratulated for seizing the opportunity and having Revere become one of the first communities in the state to sign onto the Community Compact program.

In simple terms, this state program will help Revere implement best practices and deliver services more efficiently, all with the help and funding of the state.

Time has shown that monetary resources are scarce. Any program that not only can save the Revere taxpayers on city operational cost, but also can help city officials run a more efficient process for both citizens and potential new developers is the proverbial home run.

We would note that all choices regarding what to prioritize for the use of these resources will remain with local government, with the state providing assistance with the implementation of the municipality’s choices.

For example, Revere will receive technical assistance from the state for providing on-line licensing items such as building permits and yard sales.

Another example, according to Rizzo, is being able to carry out the goals of a Capital Plan. The previous capital plan by the Collins Center fell short because  neither the training nor the resources were available to make turn that idea into a reality. Now there will be both the training and the available resources to make it happen.

In addition, thanks to our early sign-up, Revere will have an edge for receiving state grants over communities that have not signed onto the compact.

All-in-all, this agreement will be a huge benefit for Revere residents and taxpayers, and we applaud both Mayor Rizzo and the administration of Gov. Charlie Baker, which was guided in this endeavor by Secretary of Housing and Economic Development, former Chelsea City Manager Jay Ash, and is headed by Lieut. Governor Karyn Polito.

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