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Home Run

Dear Editor:

You could say, it’s a home run, or you could say, it’s going the distance, or it’s a four bagger. However you want to say it, Harry Dello Russo Stadium is a state of the art facility and one of the best I’ve ever seen.

As a former school committeeman who dealt with the old stadium issues, it’s very pleasing to see this new facility, in the City of Revere.

Mayor Dan Rizzo’s plan for a new stadium includes a regulation track, a football/soccer field, along with new bleachers, locker rooms, two basketball and tennis courts, and other valuable amenities for the general public.

Watching the graduating class of 2015’s faces when they entered the stadium was priceless. Gone are the bellicose high masonry walls and barbwire on top of it. Now, the city of Revere has an open space designed for its recreation use. It’s the open space, in the heart of the city that makes it so attractive to everyone. This open space design will have an effect on future projects in the city and improvements on Broadway.

What has happened to the stadium is that it was a less desirable site, and Mayor Dan Rizzo has incorporated it to that of a desirable site, right before our eyes. The stadium is gorgeous and something the city needs.

There are many areas of recreation in the City of Revere. Among the finest is Revere Beach. While it’s up to the city to support Revere Beach with business, activities, and security, along the beach, we are also the host to many other communities that frequent Revere Beach and its benefits.

The Harry Dello Russo stadium has its own benefits that are quite different than any other recreational area in the city. Aside form the basketball and tennis courts there is the stadium field itself. This is the only recreational facility where the residents of the city will not have to compete with visitors with open space, recreation and parking spaces to get there.

The Stadium is in walking distance for everyone in the Broadway area. This area far exceeds the open space needed for families, senior groups and community groups for their enjoyment. It is my hope that this track and field facility could remain open until 7 or 8 o’clock at night, for all to enjoy. Mayor Rizzo has achieved something that the city clearly needed and has hit this issue out of the park.

Hal Abrams

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