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Dear Editor:

My husband and I frequent the Ninety Nine restaurant in Revere often.  We enjoy the service, food, and most of all the décor.  The restaurant is adorned with pictures of things that have happened in the community including sports team pictures. Another reason we enjoy the restaurant is it is like a walk down memory lane.  There are many pictures of Revere High School sports teams from many years ago.  Our favorite photo is a picture of the Revere High Basketball Team from 1991which includes our son. Michael Vieiar. Each time we have dinner  we always take a walk to view this photo.

On our last visit we arrived at the Ninety Nine, looked around and noticed things looked different.  We, as always, went to view our son’s photo and it was gone.  We asked the manager, Oscar Dirks, what happened to the old pictures that were hanging.  He told us that they were taken down and were given away. We asked if he knew what happened to our son’s picture.  He said he didn’t know and we asked if he could find out.  Kindly, he offered to go out back as he thought there might be a few left in the back.  We waited and to our surprise he returned carrying the picture of our son that we enjoyed each time we dined there.  He said there were only three photos left and this was one of them.  We were so excited to be taking home this memory.

We are very thankful to have local establishments that support our community in many ways.  We are grateful to Oscar for taking the time to help us find what we call a treasured memory.

Mr. and Mrs.

Matthew Vieira

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