Letter to the Editor

Commending Revere High School for honoring Al Blasi

Dear Editor:

I commend Revere High School for honoring a man who devoted his life to the welfare of his students and members of his baseball teams.

For 42 years, my dad – Al Blasi – paced the baselines of baseball fields across the state with a scorebook in his hand, while his eyes never left the diamond. It was a life well spent. He understood all his players and students were investments that could pay big dividends in our community.

My dad had the fortitude and compassion to become a great teacher and coach, and his contributions to his community keep on giving as his students and players make their way in the world.

What a great legacy!

Big Al loved every minute of coaching and teaching. I’ll bet he would have shook his head if he saw the Blasi name waving in the breeze above Tony Conigliaro Field. He was a humble man and would have dismissed all the hoopla during “Al Blasi Day” on May 11.

The Blasi family is grateful to all those who organized this remarkable tribute and to those who took an afternoon out of their busy schedule to remember my dad.

Special thanks goes out to the following people: Athletic Director Shaun Hart, Revere High baseball coach Sean Brinkley, Carl Svendsen, baseball parent Denise Zullo, Revere Journal reporter Cary Shuman for his thoughtful and well-written story, master of ceremonies Peter DiGiulio and to all those former players and friends who attended the occasion.

The Blasi Family

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