A Hearty Welcome To New AD Frank Shea

We join with the residents of Revere and especially the sports community in congratulating Frank Shea on his appointment as the new director of athletics for the Revere high school and middle school sports programs.

Shea is a teacher in the school system and having excelled in sports in high school and college, he fully understands the important tradition that athletics has held in Revere for years  – and the potential for athletic scholarships that exists for the elite performers.

Running a large, urban school sports program is a challenge today with sports participation rates low and many other extracurricular activities available for students. But throughout his career as a coach at Savio and Masconomet Regional, Shea has shown an ability to lead his teams to consistent success, a fact measured not only in his numerous coaching victories, but in the way he has motivated his student-athletes to excel in the classroom while setting the foundation to a college education.

Those who have watched the 6-foot-4-inch Shea coach basketball know how competitive he is and the emphasis he places on teamwork and sportsmanship. We’re confident that Frank Shea will work hard to maximize each Revere student’s athletic experience and put his coaches in the best possible position to produce winning seasons.

The job of athletic director today is a year-round endeavor. There is not only the myriad administrative demands but other aspects such as the fundraising component, the scheduling of games (and as this year’s historic winter created  – the rescheduling of games), and the recommendation of student-athletes for colleges.

The success of Joe Cicarello’s RHS softball program demonstrated that Revere will turn out and support our teams in high numbers. The team’s championship season this spring is a source of pride for the school and the youth sports programs from which the current players acquired their skills.

We believe that Frank Shea will continue the exceptional work that was done by Shaun Hart and bring additional excitement to this city as the leader of the Revere athletic programs.

We know our city will support our new athletic director and the many teams he will oversee, beginning at the very first football game at the new and beautiful Harry Della Russo Stadium in September.

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