Congratulations Revere Pop Warner

The Revere Pop Warner Junior Patriots youth football and cheerleading organization is highly regarded in Massachusetts and beyond.

The Revere cheerleading program has produced numerous national championships as director Carolyn Demers and the RPW staff of coaches have worked hard to lead their teams to best-in-the-nation status, which is a tremendous accomplishment.

Revere’s football teams have been highly competitive and this has resulted in a strong feeder system for the Revere High football program.

The success of this strong organization begins at the top and we commend president Marc Tango for his exceptional leadership and dedication to the football and cheerleading programs. The football players and cheerleaders not only learn the best techniques in their respective sports from an experienced staff of coaches, but the coaches instill in their athletes qualities of teamwork and sportsmanship.

And the future is very bright for Revere Pop Warner. Interest and enrollment are up and the newly built Harry Dello Russo Stadium will enhance the overall experience and game presentation for all players, coaches, and cheerleaders. We’re excited that Mayor Dan Rizzo has helped bring a brand, new stadium to Revere that will be used by so many of our athletes, including our Pop Warner teams.

Congratulations, to all the Revere Pop Warner officers, board members, and coaches, and especially to our favorite goodwill ambassador for the organization – Tracy Sullivan – for providing the youth of Revere a well-organized athletic activity that begins each August and usually ends in triumph in sunny Florida each December. Keep up the great work.

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