Good Financial News From City Hall

The weather of the last five weeks is enough to get anyone down.  Cold, snow and ice are just a daily occurrence.

However, Monday night at the City Council meeting, Mayor Dan Rizzo told the councillors about a bright spot in Revere.

The news that the Revere has earned a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award shows  how serious Rizzo and city councillors are about keeping Revere on a stable ecomonic keel.  In addition, the improved bond rating as well as $6 million in free cash have come about through hard work and carefully watching spending on City expenses.

The City of Revere is poised to continue its growth despite losing its bid for a casino at Suffolk Downs.

Economic Development Director John Festa has more development projects in the pipeline  that will continue to broaden the city’s tax base.

The Revere Public Schools continue to be a shining  star among the nation’s top school districts.

After almost three years in the corner office, Rizzo has shown that he is serious about protecting Revere’s financial stability.  This fiscal seriousness is the cornerstone for all the growth  and acclaim that Revere has received and will bode well for future successes in Revere.


Continuing  a sound  fiscal budget ensures that Revere residents will continue to live  in a  desirable community.

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