Little League Supporters

Dear Editor:

The Revere Little League was unable to conduct its annual telethon earlier this year due to the construction of Winthrop Avenue and the fixing of the water pipes there. The construction was in front of the Little League Field and so it was impossible to conduct things this year as we have in the past. Since was no telethon, we’ve been taking in donations from many kind-hearted and generous volunteers. So far, we’ve had many step forward and we want thank them. I also want to thank our regular contributors in the telethon who have always supported us in the past and whom we know would have supported us this year had we been able to conduct the telethon as usual.

The following people I would like to single out for their contributions:

Peter Lattanzi Insurance Agency

John Cerasuolo Company, Inc. (Domenic Cavallaro and Kenneth Cavallaro)

Joe Festa Construction Co.

Vin’s Auto Service, Inc.

Richard A. Guarino Dental Laboratory Inc.

Dan Luberto Bakery

Louis ‘Blackie’ Padova/Shipwreck Lounge

Jimmy Bruce/Bill Ash’s Lounge

P.S. A special thanks also to Joe Festa Jr. for his donation to the Revere League for Special Needs.

Many Thanks,

Mickey ‘Say No to Drugs’ Casoli

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