Thank You, Dr. Bornstein

Dr. Robert Bornstein is a true legendary, larger-than-life figure in the history of our city. The esteemed pediatrician practiced medicine here for more than 50 years and parents have depended on his expertise in medicine in the care of their children for decades.

Dr. Bornstein went above and beyond the call of his esteemed profession, making house calls and always being there to provide advice and treatment in a time of medical emergencies and other vital health-related situations.

Dr. Bornstein came to our city and made a difference in people’s lives, not only in his medical practice but as a philanthropist whose charitable efforts were recognized by organizations.

Dr. Bornstein lived next door in Winthrop, but he came to love our city and its people. He was a professional in every sense of the word. We thank Dr. Bornstein for gracing us with his skill and dedication in the field of medicine and we wish him well as he continues providing medical care to children in Texas while working with his son, Dr. Michael Bornstein.

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