Police Investigate Use of Tasers

The Revere Police are exploring the option of carrying electric Tasers as part of their standard equipment – a move they believe might help decrease incidences of violence toward the police.

“I know now we are exploring all options and seeing if it’s the right thing for our officers,” said Lt. Amy O’Hara. “They’re just now talking about it and it is an option, but it’s very early in the process.”

Tasers, like pepper spray, are becoming more and more common for police officers to carry in order to protect themselves. Naturally, there has been some pushback by the general public as officers use the Tasers to protect themselves against those that they arrest.

O’Hara said only a few officers are trained in the use of Tasers at the moment, and that all officers would have to undergo training before adding them to their equipment.

That training, she said, could be shocking.

“The training requires that you get tased,” she said. “Before you can carry a Taser, you have to be tased so that you know what it feels like personally.”

She said that Chelsea Police have started carrying Tasers, and it has helped them, noting that violent altercations with officers there have decreased significantly since carrying the new weapons.

“It’s like an extra tool in your belt,” she said. “Personally, I wouldn’t mind carrying them when out in the field.”

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