An Arms-Length Transaction

The often used word in today’s jargon when one talks about the city or state or federal government is “transparency.”  Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner James McHugh has said publicly at the Commission’s regular meeting that what the  officials from Suffolk Downs and Mohegan Sun have been saying publicly is indeed the case — the facility is completely located in Revere and that the commercial lease details between these two entities are appropriate and represent an arms length transaction.

Knowing Suffolk Downs COO Chip Tuttle for a number of years and getting to know Mohegan Sun CEO Mitchell Etess, the very fact that this whole process is above board comes as no surprise. As a matter of fact we would have been shocked if what these two corporate officials have been saying publicly was not the truth.

Revere residents value that a person’s word still means something and is more valuable than money.

We know that when Mayor Dan Rizzo, city councillors and other public officials stand up and tell the citizens of Revere in impassioned speech that they believe in the casino project and ask for their vote in approving this project, that there is much more to this fact than just being part of a team and blindly following the company line.

Many of our elected officials have held office and the voters’ trust for years simply because they have a word.  One could say without a word, any office holder would have been tossed out a long time ago.

For the residents of Revere, there is a lot at stake in the casino referendum on February 25.  We ask that you weigh all the facts and then vote.

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