Revere Man Killed in Robbery at Boston Store

A Revere family this week has been devastated by the murder of Joe Morante Jr. last Wednesday, July 31st, and District Attorney Dan Conley is asking that the heat be turned on in the investigation into who murdered him in front of a cell phone store near Northeastern University on Tremont Street in Roxbury.

Morante – who had just turned 19 three days before being shot to death – was apparently working at the iWorld Accessories store when he was shot in broad daylight, presumably in a robbery attempt.

Conley last week called for the same outpouring of public support for Morante’s case as has been given to the murder of Amy Lord in South Boston. He said Boston Police had been working day and night in generating leads in the case, and he urged anyone with information to share it, even anonymously.

Meanwhile, those in Revere are left with someone very special missing in their lives.

That includes Carolyn Russo, Morante’s mother who works at Revere City Hall, and Morante’s young siblings and stepfather.

It also includes his father Joe Morante Sr. and his stepmother Seeyee Morante in East Boston and his aunt, Linda Morante, in Revere – all of whom have been overcome with grief at the sudden loss.

It also leaves Morante’s fiancée, Revere’s Diana Alvarez, with marriage plans that will no longer need to be made.

According to several media reports, Morante was living with the Alvarez family in Revere at the time of his death and had proposed to Diana Alvarez last October.

They had planned to live in East Boston and raise a family there.

Family members remembered Morante as being very skilled with electronics, always fixing gadgets for people.

According to School Superintendent Paul Dakin, Morante had attended the Susan B. Anthony Middle School and one year of Revere High School. However, he transferred to the Phoenix Charter School in Chelsea. However, he didn’t return for his last year at the school, instead opting to begin working.

He had worked at the Tremont Street store for a very short time, and previously had worked for the same company in East Boston. He had planned to transfer back to East Boston in the next few weeks.

Remembrances in his name are urged to be made to Roca in Chelsea, where he was a member and was turning his life around. Roca officials said their organization was working through the loss.

“It was nothing less than a privilege to have known Joe and been part of his life,” said Executive Director Molly Baldwin. “All of us at Roca are so deeply saddened by his passing, and extend our deepest sympathies to his family and friends, who we have been working to support in any way we can. In reflecting on Joe’s young life, we are focused on the joys we experienced in having worked with him and having seen him accomplish so much. At Roca, our focus for 25 years has been doing everything we can to help young people transform their lives. Joe embodied that change. He worked hard every day, was totally committed to creating better opportunities for himself, his family and his community. Joe had made real, measurable progress and was so proud of what he accomplished. That is a lesson and example to be treasured and celebrated. Right now, Roca staff are doing the best they can to cope with this tragedy alongside Joe’s family and dear friends but we know the best way to honor Joe’s memory is to continue the everyday hard work of helping young people make the right choices, and live safe, healthy lives.”

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