Communication is Needed: Establishments Should Be Included Next Year

The Revere Beach Partnership did a fantastic job with this year’s National Sand Sculpting Festival  at Revere Beach.  The necessity  of spreading out the festival on the beach, and making other, significant changes because of safety concerns by state officials after the Marathon bombings, were accomplished in a time frame of less than 60 days before the festival started.  However, like everything that has to be done quickly, something always seems to be overlooked.

What was missed was the visibility for the local establishments on the Beach for the hundreds of thousands of attendees.  Most small businesses survive on razor thin profit margins that are dependent on weather and other factors.  Our Revere Beach food establishments are no exception, and so missing out on the biggest business weekend of the year obviously was a significant setback.

We support the Beach businesses’ desire to have a seat at the table on the partnership planning committee in anticipation of next year’s planning for the event. Their request is not unreasonable and can help to ensure that if there are more changes to be made, that there is better communication so that all parties  are heard and involved in the decision-making process.

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