Parcel H Development Close to Starting

A Dover developer has taken one important step this month in moving forward on the massive Parcel H private development at Waterfront Square – a development straddling the new pedestrian bridge and plaza and considered a key component in the success or failure of Wonderland Station’s $500 million facelift.

The Roclid Development Group has presented preliminary plans for Parcel H development in two phases to the City’s Site Plan Review committee and is in the midst of doing due diligence on the project.

Phase 1 of the project would include 142 residential units in a building that will sit on the south side of the existing plaza next to the Carabetta buildings. That building also has plans for 35,500 sq. ft. of retail spaces on the ground floors.

“It looks to be high-end residential construction, all steel construction,” said Economic Development Director John Festa. “The breakdown there is more one-bedrooms than two-bedrooms – about a 70-30 split right now, but that could change. They’re looking to bring in some restaurants and shops to the retail portion, and they look to be more on the high end scale. I’m told they’ve heard from some real quality restaurants.”

The second phase of the proposal looks to hit on a much-needed Beach business – a large hotel under a major hotel chain’s flag.

“The second phase would be a 300 to 400 room hotel,” Festa said. “They have various flags they are considering and they are very nice flags that we’re excited about.”

The hotel development would be located on the north side of the parcel.

An attempt to reach the Roclid Group was unsuccessful, and one number listed for them was a private residence. There was no business phone number listed in obvious places, nor was there a website for the company.

They are based in Dover and are headed up by Patrick Corrigan.

EuroVest President Joe DiGangi – who is the designated developer for the entire Waterfront Square – said the plans for Roclid Group are still very preliminary.

He said they have some milestones to meet by Aug. 15th, and after that he would be better able to comment on where they’re at in pursuing the project.

Mayor Dan Rizzo said he was glad to see Roclid Group take the next step in going to Site Plan Review.

“We’ve been talking to Roclid for a year and a half now…and I’m glad some of their plans are finally coming to fruition and getting to Site Plan Review because that’s where the rubber meets the road. I’ve been to too many groundbreakings where all we end up with is the ceremonial shovels.”

Additionally, the privately-held parking lot next to Parcel H – owned by Al D’Amico – has been in the midst of negotiations with Roclid also.

“We obviously want to incorporate that at some point in the overall development,” said Festa. “There are definitely discussions going on between the parties.”

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