A Colossal Tenth Sand Sculpting Festival

It’s just incredible to believe that 500,000 people will descend upon our city for the 10th Annual Sandsculpting Festival that extends through the weekend at Revere Beach.

This great event generates much favorable publicity for our city and is the ultimate platform for letting people know about the attributes of Revere Beach and the other great things that are happening in our city.

There are many people to thank for coordinating and staging this spectacle that has become one of the top five sandcastle events in the world.

The Revere Beach Partnership, its executive director Amanda Gourgue, and the volunteers who work with the Partnership, certainly deserve a lot of the credit for building this event to the status and popularity it enjoys today.

Mayor Dan Rizzo, who has always enthusiastically supported this event, recognizes the significance of the Festival and the great public relations his city receives from it. During the successful Economic Development Summit last fall, Mayor Rizzo and Economic Development Director John Festa highlighted Revere Beach in the city’s presentation about development opportunities here and their leadership and continuing effort to spotlight the beach is noteworthy and beneficial to our city.

Sanding Ovations, and its owner Meredith Corson, are vital partners in the success of this event with their excellent work in organizing the sandcastle competition and all the activities that will be held on the beach.

The Revere Department of Public Works also merits praise for their help with providing the heavy equipment that spreads the sand and making sure that our beach and roadways meet the challenge of having a half million visitors in our midst.

Everyone agrees that the most important aspect of such a well-attended, multi-day event is public safety and the Revere Police, the State Police, and the Revere Fire Department have done a great job keeping the event safe each year. The event’s solid record of safety can be attributed to the diligence and professionalism of our police officers and firefighters, the true unsung heroes who protect us from danger on a daily basis.

And we must thank the event sponsors whose generosity has allowed this event to be free of charge for all who get to see the very best sand sculptures that the world has to offer.

The Sandsculpting Festival  is a family-friendly  event that has become a jewel of the summer in our city.

We hope you enjoy it and know that many people and organizations have contributed to its success.

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