It Summertime

The school year has ended and the children are out for the summer.  Like  parents everywhere, parents in Revere are looking at how to keep their children from just laying on the couch watching television or playing mindless computer games.

Mayor Dan Rizzo and Michael Hinojosa, Director of Revere Recreation have come up with many local and supervised programs to keep any and every child active and engaged.

Inserted in today’s Journal is the program of activities that are being offered by the Parks and Recreation Department starting tomorrow and going right on through the middle of August.

A new aspect this year in the Parks and Recreation Summer program is the fact that many programs are being geared toward older children.

Ever mindful that study after study has shown that children always get into the most trouble when they are left alone and unsupervised, we encourage parents to take advantage of the programs that are being offered at a minimal cost. We encourage parents to look at all the great choices that have been put together by this highly qualified team at Revere Parks and Recreation.

We congratulate Mayor Rizzo and the Revere Recreation Department who have found the funds to provide these programs at prices that put the programs within reach of every Revere household.

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