Remembering Two Revere Leaders

You could not have a better example of two more completely different people. We are referring to George Colella and Peter McCauley.

George was the politician who was the stalwart in the local political scene from the 1950’s until his death in 2010. The shape of today’s Revere has a lot to do with George’s vision.  As School Committee member to Mayor to Councillor, George had a knowledge of this city that few have been able to equal.

One thing about George is that you knew where you stood with him, and if he was upset at you, you knew it.

The city council meetings are a little less without George getting up and saying, “this is an abomination.”

George’s love of Revere and its future still lives on.  On page 5 of this week’s newspaper is the report of several students who have received scholarship money from a bequest that George left in his will.

On the other hand, Peter McCauley was a very behind the scenes type of person who never grabbed a spotlight.  His one passion was Revere Beach.  He personally saved many objects from those glory days when Revere Beach was a destination for many area residents.  It is fair to say that without Peter, much of the history of the beach would have been lost and the artifacts spread to the four corners of the world.

For those of us who love the history of our community, we will always have an artifact from Revere Beach’s Golden era as well as the history of many of the rides and people that played a key role in this history thanks to Peter McCauley.

But in the end, their impact, each in their own way, on Revere made our City a better place to live and raise our families.

On this page is a story from Winthrop Historian David Hubbard about Peter McCauley, we hope that you enjoy it.

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