Senior Prom

It hardly seems that it was almost 20 years ago, that Representative William Reinstein came up with an idea to have a Senior Prom for Revere’s senior citizens.

To many of today’s Revere’s residents, the name William Reinstein is just something that might be on the Revere Beach bandstand or other public buildings.

But for those of us who knew Billy, he was true Revere institution in a very positive way.  He had a way of putting a smile on your face on almost a daily basis with his jokes that made you laugh more at the way he presented them then in the jokes themselves.

About 1995, Billy came up with this idea of a senior prom.  And in typical Billy fashion, nothing was left to chance.

Chaperones — that was what the volunteers were called who gave up their night –were all given matching polo shirts.  Dinner and refreshments were provided to all the seniors that attended. And the first prom was a success beyond belief.  More than 400 seniors danced away under the disco ball of the Wonderland Ballroom.  And some of those seniors had the moves that put those of us watching in awe.

Time has moved on.  We are all older with as my dear old dad would say the ebb tide of the hairline and the flood tide of the waistline.  Billy died much too young in 1998.  But this event, one of his many legacies is still going strong and still being enjoyed by hundreds of Revere residents.

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