Candidates Pull Nomination Papers

As people began to pull papers this week for the City Election season, two seasoned challengers have emerged in the Councillor-at-large race, and a Ward 5 primary election looks to be all but certain.

Nomination papers became available at City Hall last Wednesday, May 8th, for the offices of Ward Councillor (six seats), Councillor-at-large (five seats) and School Committee (five seats), and already some interesting races are emerging. Nomination papers are due in July, and candidates will only appear on the ballot if they return those papers to the Election Department with the proper amount of qualifying signatures.

For councillor-at-large, challengers George Rotondo and Steven Morabito appear to have jumped into a race full of political veterans, and so far, and devoid of any new faces on the scene.

Rotondo is a former councillor-at-large who ran for mayor two years ago and was defeated. Prior to being an at-large councillor, he held the Ward 4 seat for several years.

He is now a resident of Hawes Street.

Also in the race is Morabito, who was actually elected two years ago, but had his seat stripped away after a recount.

Naturally, all incumbents in the at-large race are expected to take out papers. Already, Councillors John Correggio, Jessica Giannino, Bob Haas, and Tony Zambuto have taken out their papers.

Correggio has already turned in his papers in proper order and is certified for the ballot.

At-large Councillor Brian Arrigo is expected to take out papers very soon.

Meanwhile, in that same race, one development that is noteworthy among the know-it-alls was the observation that Ward 4 Councillor Stephen Reardon did not take out papers for at-large, but stayed at home in Ward 4.

With two successful terms under his belt, and an important chairmanship of the Zoning Committee, many expected Reardon might try to step up – as he has been talked about as a potential candidate for mayor against Mayor Dan Rizzo in 2015.

The other development is that three candidates have taken out papers in Ward 5, which means that if all turn in their papers and make the ballot, there will be a primary in the ward for the first time in more than a decade.

Taking out papers this week were incumbent John Powers and challengers Al Terminiello Jr. and Billy Bell.

In the School Committee race, there looks to be several new faces challenging for a seat.

All incumbents are expected to seek re-election, but so far only Donna Wood Pruitt has pulled papers.

Newcomers Susan Gravellese and Juan Jaramillo have also pulled papers.

Kilburn Street resident Patrick Keefe, also a newcomer to the scene, is expected to take out papers shortly.

It will leave a crowded field of good candidates for the five seats, and there is also an expectation that there could be a surprise candidate coming along later.

In Ward 1, Councillor Richard Penta has taken out papers, and challenger Gregg LaCedra – who is active in the City’s Republican Committee – will challenge Penta once more.

In Ward 2, Council President Ira Novoselsky took out papers. In Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso took out papers and Ward 6 Councillor Charlie Patch is expected to pull papers very soon.

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