Healthy Living Program at Revere Karate

Drawing on her own challenges with weight loss and healthy eating, the Revere Karate Academy’s Doreen DiRienzo has put together an innovative, 10-week course to help participants change to healthier behaviors and lifestyles.

The program has been dubbed ’10 weeks to a healthier you’ and will include a weekly fitness/cardio workout, nutrition classes and 24/7 access to DiRienzo for advice on healthy eating.

“This is a different way of looking at weight loss,” she said. “Lots of times people go on weight loss programs and they don’t work. They don’t teach them the most critical thing and that’s learning the habits of healthy eating. Who doesn’t know that a carrot is better for them than a cookie? I teach them what eating healthy really means and how to make good, solid choices when it comes to eating.”

She also said she isn’t setting deadlines for her students, as she doesn’t find deadlines effective.

“It’s always a deadline that never comes,” she said.

She said she has just finished the first offering of the 10-week class, and everyone in the class found a good deal of success. Many said they enjoyed having access to DiRienzo around the clock.

“I’m available for advice on e-mail and getting together,” she said. “It’s really constant communication from me.”

DiRienzo conceived the plan due to her own battle with weight loss, and her success in winning that battle.

“I know my own battle with this,” she said. “I have personally lost 105 pounds and I didn’t do it overnight. I did it by systematically undoing bad habits I had. Exercising was something I always did. For me, it was food choices. I grew up on the three Italian food groups – pizza, pasta and bread. I had to change all that.”

DiRienzo will have an orientation session at the Academy on Friday, March 29th, at 5:30 p.m. Classes in the 10-week program will start on April 1st. The Academy is located at 144 Broadway.

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