City Announces New Mobile Application to Report Potholes, Graffiti and Other Issues

Since taking office in January of 2012, Mayor Daniel Rizzo has been committed to implementing new technologies that will engage the citizens of Revere in new innovative ways. Online surveys, Facebook, Twitter, and an Email Newsletter have all been used in order to reach residents.

Starting March 30, residents will be able to use a mobile phone application, known as “Commonwealth Citizens Connect,” to report potholes, graffiti, and trash, as well as other issues requiring a city response.  Through the Commonwealth Citizens Connect program, residents with a Smartphone will be able to instantly report a pothole, illegally-dumped trash, or other issues negatively impacting our resident’s overall quality of life. A link will be available starting March 30th on which will give residents more information about the program and how to download and use the application.

Funded by the Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program, the Commonwealth Connect application was inspired by Citizens Connect, a mobile application launched in 2009 by Mayor Menino’s Office of New Urban Mechanics. The City of Boston is now able to share Commonwealth Connect with other communities through funding from the Community Innovation Challenge grant program. Launched in the FY 2012 budget and administered by the Executive Office for Administration & Finance, this program invests in innovations that have the potential to lower costs, and improve critical services through regionalization,  new uses of technology, and improved management practices. In the first round of this program, 100 applications were received from 285 cities & towns, and 27 grants for a total of $4 million were awarded.

“We are really grateful to have the help and support from the City of Boston in order to use the Commonwealth Citizens Connect Application. The mobile application will be a great way for residents to report quality of life problems to the City in a timely manner,” stated Mayor Rizzo.

If you would like to learn more information about the mobile application please call the Mayor’s Office at 781-286-8111 or email [email protected]

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