Suffolk Fined for Past Violations

Timing is everything in life.

Some of us have great timing. Some of us have no timing. In nearly every case when timing is important, we come to learn that timing is something nearly impossible to set in stone.

Such is the case with Suffolk Downs. The track that wants to be a casino was fined by the environmental people to the tune of $1.2 million for its contribution in polluting a stream that runs through the track and which was used for many years as a place for horses to do their thing.

The present case which has finally been settled and the fine to be paid in full shortly was something coming for a number of years.

We first reported the case about three years ago.

The infractions noted – polluting the stream and overpopulation of horses at the track- are practices that have been stopped for quite sometime. Yet the announcement of the fine comes at a moment in the track’s history when management there is working at being pristine about everything that goes on at the track.

Suffolk Downs today is a good neighbor. Nothing is being polluted by the track and the overpopulation of horses at the track is a situation that has not existed for a long time.

That being said, Suffolk Downs remains our choice for a casino at that location.

We have considerable faith in the track owners and administrators doing the right thing and scrupulously following the law in every way regarding every aspect of the track’s management.

A $1.2 million fine is a big tab to pay but the track ownership can afford it and will pay it.

We believe this will end all existing environmental questions about the track.

The good thing about this fine is that the Belle Isle Marsh will be receiving $80,000 to build a walkway as part of the fine arrangement.

That comes as good news.

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