Gaming Commission needs a Jump Start

There is not a hint of question that leaders in communities to be impacted by casino gambling are at odds with the timetable recently set out by the state Gaming Commission.

Mayor’s Menino and Rizzo and City Manager Jay Ash in Chelsea read with amazement last week the Gaming Commission’s timetable which extends just about anything meaningful from happening well into 2015.

Menino, Rizzo and Ash, almost to a person, expressed amazement at the Gaming Commission’s lack of incentive to get casinos up and running.

Again, to a person, they all agree that what began as a revenue and jobs bill is turning into a endless quandary of nothingness, with the commission going from nothing to nowhere trying to recreate nearly perfect administrative modalities which exist in 38 states with a new one of their own making.

We wish the Gaming Commission good luck on remaking the casino administrative wheel.

At the same time, we urge the commission that time is of the essence, that time is money, that time is jobs, that time is not on the state’s side as everyone around us is reinvesting in their gambling programs to keep them solvent and alive.

The Gaming Commission needs a jump-start. Someone needs to speak up and to make the commission accountable for more than hiring administrators and lawyers, public relations people and operatives.

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