The New Transit Center

The recent ribbon cutting for the all new Wonderland Parking Lot and Transit Center, known by its official name as the Intermodal Transit Center, was a significant moment in this city’s modern history and in the history of transportation in this city.

The gleaming, soaring, modernistic transit center is now one of this city’s major signature pieces of architecture that tends to shout out – Revere is a player in the future.

We have written several times about the importance of the bridge/walkway that will connect the transit center with Revere Beach by traversing Ocean Avenue and dropping walkers off right on Revere Beach!

This is way beyond the stuff of dreams coming true. This is all about creative genius and the willingness of the city to think a bit out of the box.

All of us should look forward to the day coming soon when we can park in the garage and walk to the beach – and when many, many others will be doing the same.

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