Coming Together for Carolina

Over 150 staff, students, parents and community members – including School Committeewoman Stacey Rizzo – came together on Saturday morning to attend a fund-raising walk for Susan B. Anthony (SBA) 7th grader Carolina Martinez. Martinez was born healthy, but at age 2 was diag­nosed with a severe form of Muscular Dystrophy. She has been an inspiration to students at the Garfield Elementary, and now at the SBA. Martinez recently underwent two complex surgeries to help with her breathing, but now her family has to purchase expensive medical equipment. The SBA family came together to raise $4,000 for the Martinez family, all of whom were present for the walk. In this photo, taken on the day of Martinez’s surgeries, students at the SBA gathered around the flagpole to form a ‘C’ in honor of Carolina.

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