Beachmont Home Goes Solar

With frustrating electric bills in hand and the environment on their minds, William and Scott Frye of Beachmont had a bright idea.

They decided to go solar.

The Beachmont couple is one of the first homeowners in Revere to install photovoltaic solar panels to the roof of their home in order to provide for the majority of their power needs.

They indicated that they would be using the traditional electric “grid” as their secondary source of power.

“We’ll only be using the traditional grid if the panels are charging up,” said Will Frye.

Last Friday, contractors worked on the roof of the George Avenue single-family home, making quick progress on the installation.

“We’ve been thinking about it for awhile,” said Will. “We certainly wanted to cut down on our energy bills and help the environment too. We sat around the kitchen table and crunched some numbers and felt it was about time to do it. Everything is going up all the time anyway. I’m just glad we’re getting it and especially that we’ll be getting back something on the end and doing our bit for the environment too.” Will Frye said that the company that is handling the installation, Endless Mountain Solar of Pennsylvania, indicated that the installation should pay for itself in recouped energy savings within six years.

“They tell us that we’ll probably end up getting something back, so instead of a bill, we’ll potentially get a check in the mail,” he said. “I really think people can save with this. Everything is going this way. The company says this will pay for itself in 5 ½ years.”

Will Frye said that the project does require putting out a good chunk of capital to reap the savings.

Their project cost a little over $20,000, but he said there are many rebates to help soften those initial costs.

“It does cost some money to do it, but there are a lot of rebates,” he said. “The solar company helped set everything up for us to be able to take advantage of the rebates. Our project cost around $20,000, but we’re saving close to $8,000 on that because of all the rebates.”

The overall project included installing numerous solar panels on the east side of the home, as well as installing DC to AC converters on those panels. Likewise, the company also had to convert the meter and electric panel in the home’s basement.

Will Frye said the estimate was that the project would finish in one or, maybe, two days.

In addition to the solar work, the company is also setting up a computer program that allows the owners to check, in real time, the amount of energy they are generating and the amount of savings they are reaping.

“They have a website for us to go to and it’s all hooked right into our solar panels and we’ll be able to see everything that’s going on up there,” said Will Frye.

Finally, he said that maybe his first steps into the solar world in Revere might encourage others to also take the step.

“I’m hoping that when people see this, it will encourage others in the neighborhood to look into it,” he said. “I’d be happy to tell anyone about it. It really was a very easy and quick process, and we expect to really save some money in the coming years.”

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