Police Captains Give Up Vehicles

Revere’s police captains returned their city owned vehicles Monday, ushering in a new era of fiscal belt tightening and fiscal conservatism that is expected to be a citywide experience, according to Mayor Dan Rizzo.

The return was orderly, except for one instance of a police captain parking his car in front of the headquarters and then reporting that he had lost the keys.

A locksmith was called to replace the missing key so the car could be removed from its perch near the front stairs.

Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli reported that all the vehicles had been returned to the police headquarters.

“Yes. They have been returned,” he told the Journal Tuesday morning.

The mayor said he was pleased. He praised the police chief.

“The chief has made a wise decision. I appreciate the cooperation of the police captains and I want to remind them that returning their cars is not a punitive action, rather, it is part of an effort to economize wherever possible,” the mayor said.

The mayor indicated that other city departments with employees using their vehicles to drive home would also be affected.

He refused to itemize whom exactly would be required to turn in their city-owned vehicle but he said orders to do so would go out soon enough.

Two weeks ago, when it was first announced that the police captains would be losing their city owned vehicles, one captain was described by the mayor as asking: “How will I get home or to work?”

According to the mayor, he was told to get his own vehicle and to come and go with it.

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