Mayor Setting the Example

Mayor Dan Rizzo is setting a new precedent by refusing the city car institutionalized as their own for as far back as we can recall.

Mayor Rizzo has returned his car to the city. He has told officials that he will be using his own automobile rather than to accept the perk of the city providing an automobile for him.

By doing so, he is setting a powerful example during a tough economic time.

Not since the early days of the first George Colella administration almost 30 years ago has a mayor of Revere given up his city automobile in preference to his own.

We applaud the mayor for giving up his city automobile.

Economy above all is important during a time when expenses are far outpacing income for the city.

Throughout his life, the mayor has always used his own automobile, he told the Journal.

“Why should it be any different now that I am the mayor?”

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