Police Chief Situation Subject for Discussion

Mayor Dan Rizzo and Police Chief Terence Reardon have apparently met to discuss his future plans and for the mayor to make his wishes known during a meeting held between the two last week, according to sources, all of whom wished to remain unnamed.

The mayor and the chief had a frank and open discussion about exactly when the chief was planning to leave – as his contract runs out in August. However, it is well known in City Hall circles that the new mayor wishes to get moving with changes that need to be made in the Police Department, but that cannot happen until the chief has stepped down.

The mayor has apparently said not much can be done until Reardon leaves.

Reardon is said to have understood this and would be getting back to the mayor.

This was supposed to happen this week.

Sources insisted Reardon had not gotten back to the mayor as of press time.

In anticipation of the changes he wished to make when Reardon is gone, the mayor has allegedly interviewed at least 30 Revere Police officers of all ranks.

“Dan is rather amazed at the information he’s been gathering,” said a source close to him. “He knows there’s much to be done to get the place going the way it ought to be.”

In recent weeks there has been discussion and the widespread belief that Lt. Joseph Cafarelli will replace Reardon when he steps down.

“Cafarelli is not the mayor’s appointee for the position just now. Several people are in the running,” said a source.

There is also the general feeling, said a source, that the mayor may go outside the city to choose a new chief. It is felt that by doing so, some leverage could be gained on making the hard decisions about how to improve the department without dismantling it. Also, an outsider that is appointed chief would not be bound to the various political and social alliances that prevail at the police headquarters and in the community.

“An outsider could do things an insider would never try to do,” said the source.

Efforts to reach Chief Reardon Tuesday were unsuccessful.

On the record, Mayoral Assistant Miles Land Kennedy would only say that all options are being looked at in regards to public safety.

“We are looking at all options with respect to the Police Department,” said Kennedy. “We don’t have anything concrete right now. Everything is being reviewed. Public safety is the mayor’s number one priority. Public safety is being reviewed as an entire issue right now.”

Seth Daniel contributed to this report.

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