Councillor Giannino Makes the Airwaves

Councillor Jessica Giannino is bringing favorable recognition to the city in her new gig as a monthly guest on the “Hill-Man Morning Show” on WAAF (107.3 FM).

Giannino, who at the age of 20 became the youngest councillor-at-large ever elected, made her debut Monday morning on the 15-minute segment titled, “The Revere Beach Roundup,” talking up Revere with hosts Greg Hill, former Boston Bruin Lyndon Byers, Spaz, and Danielle.

“Revere is a great city and great place to live,” Giannino told the listening audience.

Giannino, who came across on the show as being very articulate, knowledgeable about issues, and upbeat about Revere’s future, also fielded questions from telephone callers and spoke proudly about her family’s service in the Revere Police and Fire Departments.

Following her election in November and subsequent publicity about her historic achievement, WAAF officials contacted Giannino about making an appearance on the Hill-Man Morning Show.

“We talked about setting up a regular segment about Revere on the show and after being officially sworn in to office, I started on the show Monday,” said Giannino.

Giannino’s segment will be aired on the first Monday of each month.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to talk about the good things that are going on in Revere,” said Giannino. “It won’t be just politics – it’ll be about everything.”

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