The Mayor-elect: Best Wishes to Dan Rizzo

Beginning in January and for the next four years, Dan Rizzo will be leading this city as its mayor.

His victory last week was substantial, revealing that his strength is citywide and that it comes from many different constituencies in the rapidly changing city.

Rizzo has pledged himself to a great effort to make Revere better than what it is and stronger financially.

Both promises are big promises to fill, as these are relatively hard times with the economy uncertain and weak and with the city’s finances always in need of a good juggle simply to maintain itself.

Rizzo is a businessman who understands what it takes to manage people and to grow revenues. He will apply this knowledge to his new job of leading this city. There is the likelihood he should do well if he follows his instincts and remains true to the people who elected him mayor – and even those who didn’t vote for him.

Rizzo will rule over one city. He has the full support of the city council. It will be his job to shine as mayor and this is exactly what he wants to do.

We extend our congratulations to Dan Rizzo on his election as mayor of Revere.

We wish him the best in the knowledge that these are difficult times that will require difficult decisions to be made.

Good luck, mayor-elect Dan Rizzo.

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