George Rotondo: We Are Sure to Hear from Him Again

George Rotondo’s retirement from city politics is not what he expected when he was starting out on his mayoral run. He saw himself as the mayor of this city and he worked hard to achieve that end.

But when all the votes were counted, he finished out of the money, so to speak.

There is a famous quotation uttered by Charles Evans Hughes, who served as the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court from 1930-1941, which relates to Rotondo’s effort.

“The higher you’ve climbed, the greater the fall. Never speak of the end of a period for you are always at the beginning of a new one.”

This run for mayor isn’t the last we will hear from Rotondo we are sure.

He gave it his all. He came up on the short end. At least he was willing to place his name on the ballot and put his heart and soul into the campaign.

We wish him the best.

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