Safety First: North Suffolk Mental Health Must Intensify Its Screening Efforts

For many, many years, the North Suffolk Mental Health Association (NSMHA) has done a whole lot of good for an enormous number of people and their families by giving aid and help to those experiencing mental difficulties.

Last year, a young staffer at the Revere NSMHA facility, was stabbed to death by a violent patient with a long rap sheet.

Stephanie Moulton, 25, was the lone staffer on duty at the Revere group home behind the beach when Deshawn Chappell allegedly repeatedly stabbed her to death, lit the house on fire and then dumped her body in a Lynn parking lot.

The incident shocked local officials and mortified NSMHA officials as well. Two weeks ago, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the group home $7,000 for serious violations. OSHA recommended that NSMHA make numerous changes to protect their staff members. Mainly, the report calls for background checks for group home residents like Chappell as well as the installation of panic buttons, walkie-talkies, security cameras and other means of giving added security to employees.

We are glad to hear that NSMHA is committed to taking steps that will result in improved safety for its staff.

We trust and hope that NSMHA will make efforts to eliminate violent persons from among the population of those living in its group homes.

Without this being accomplished, Stephanie Moulton will have died in vain. The Moulton Family believes their daughter died for nothing. This is not true.

If there is nobility in death then she achieved it by giving of herself to the extent she did. That she was murdered by a patient out of control who she was caring for is a tragedy.

Every effort should be made to avert another one.

1 comment for “Safety First: North Suffolk Mental Health Must Intensify Its Screening Efforts

  1. Sickofit!
    August 23, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    $7,000 is a mere pittance for the brutal attack/murder this young girl endured. OSHA only makes recommendations not policy for businesses. These businesses do not after make any changes they are covered under workers comp laws where they can just about get away with murder!! As long as we have workers comp around for places like this only the victim will have to pay the price. Her assailant still gets three hots and a cot and the family will have to grieve for the rest of their lives. Businesses like this where an assault is likely to take place should have stricter security rules set up by their insurers. My car has more safety features that are required than a place like this. So let’s put an end to workers comp in this situation and allow people to be able to sue if they are assault or families if their loved one was murdered.

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