City Council will Attempt to Block Preliminary Election in 11-person at-large Race

It appears that the at-large race will be forced into a Preliminary Election this time around as 11 candidates were certified for the ballot on Tuesday afternoon – the exact number required for a September Preliminary.

However, city councillors will move this coming Monday to block the election and eliminate it as they did in 2009.

In some last minute wrangling, Molly O’Hara decided to drop out of the race, leaving only 10 candidates.

However, a last minute entry came from Jessica Ann Giannino of Sigourney Street – who took out papers and got certified for the ballot in only 24 hours. It was a pretty impressive feat for a first-time candidate.

She is the daughter of popular Revere Police Sgt. Chris Giannino.

That move – along with a few others – pushed the number to 11.

Meanwhile, several sitting at-large councillors have moved to eliminate the Preliminary once again.

Two years ago a similar situation unfolded, and councillors got the state to allow them to eliminate the Preliminary Election – much to the chagrin of a handful of challenging candidates.

Many councillors said it was a one-time situation designed to save the City $50,000 in Election costs.

However, now councillors seem to be calling for the same thing again – having scheduled a Special Meeting to address the issue of eliminating the election.

Candidates include:

• Brian Arrigo, 10 Ocean Ave.

• Billy Bell, 420 Blvd.

• Mike Carter, 882 Winthrop Ave.

• John Correggio, 30 Graves Rd.

• Jessica Ann Giannino, 14 Sigourney St.

• Robert Haas, 155 Fenley St.

• Victoria Laws, 376 Ocean Ave.

• Steven Morabito, 84 Florence Ave.

• Albert Terminiello Jr., 21 Eastern Ave.

• Cheryl Whittredge, 1021 Winthrop Ave.

• Anthony Zambuto, 87 High St.

In a much larger race – but one that will not have a preliminary – the mayoral ballot has been set, with Councillors Dan Rizzo and George Rotondo the only two candidates.

In Ward 3, Bob Raduazzo – of Patriot Taxi – had indicated about a month ago that he planned to take out papers and make a serious run for that seat.

However, by late in the afternoon on Tuesday, he had not returned nomination papers and it was uncertain if he still planned to run.

In Ward 1, Councillor Richard Penta will face challenger Gregg LaCedra of 118 Pearl Ave.

In Ward 5, Council President John Powers will face off against Frank Sabbio, of 420 Blvd.

In the School  Committee race, the race will feature all the incumbents, plus one newcomer and one familiar face.

Ann Raponi will return for another run for the seat – having been unseated last time around, and Rick Freni will also make a run for the seat, having tried unsuccessfully for Ward 4 last time.

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