Eating Out: Margarita’s Unveils New Menu Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo

Manager Eric Vets and his staff at Margarita’s Restaurant in the Comfort Inn have debuted a new special menu with something for everyone - including a Blood Orange Margarita.

Manager Eric Vets said that the top sellers since the special menu debuted in April have been the Blood Orange Margarita drink and the spicy Chicken Tinga Tacos.

“People here love the spice,and they’ve really responded to the Chicken Tinga Tacos,” said Vets. “The blood orange margarita has caught on like wildfire too. We’ve sold almost 500 of them in three weeks.”

The special menu is a first for the restaurant chain, and Vets said that its something they hope will bring in new customers and also something that is a bit of are ward for their large crowd of regulars.

“We’re really putting our heart behind this one,” said Vets. “There are some awesome, awesome items there. They pretty much sell themselves. We have a large number of returning guests here and this is almost a reward for them to try something new and interesting. It’s not everyday you can walk into a Mexican restaurant and get everything from a cheese cake taco to a Mahi Mahi taco.”

The new creations, some of which are appetizers and some that are entrees, range in price from $7.99 to $12.99. The Sweet Dream dessert taco run sat $4.99.

Executive Chef  Martha Leahy came up with each of the Taco Temptations and said that it is taking the restaurant’s skills to a new level.

“We are introducing these new flavors through our ongoing search for new and exciting regional flavors that are always evolving in Mexico,” said Leahy. “Many people think of Mexican food as unchanging, but truthfully, it is an ever-evolving cuisine, of which most people only get a glimpse.”

The most interesting creation in the bunch is the Tuna Taco Appetizer.  Forget what you might be thinking about a Tunataco; there’s no chicken of the sea anywhere near this. This taco takes large chunks of sushi grade yellow tail tuna, coats it with a mild achiote spice and serves it with a unique chipotle cream sauce on corn tortillas.

By any account, if you like good tuna, it is a welcome surprise and a taste that probably doesn’t come along often.

“The attention to detail on this dish is tremendous,” said Vets. “We’re at the point as a company where we can get down to this kind of detail and do it successfully.”

Some of the best fare on the special menu is more traditional, though.

The fried carnitas tacos are tremendous – especially with the crunchy texture of the fried tortilla combining with the seasoned pork. A green tomatillo sauce served with it is spicy, but also very flavorful.

The other traditional item is the popular Tinga tacos. This taco is pretty spicy and is more of a fajita style dish. It is quickly apparent why this is so popular. Some pickled onions on top a restrange at first glance, but very welcome after the first taste. They add a lot to the dish, which is made with meat pulled from chicken thighs and then braised with peppers and tomatoes. The spicy, smoky taste along with the pickled onions and beans area fantastic combination that just might find a permanent place on the menu when all is said and done.

“This is our hottest seller, literally,”said Vets. “I think people in this community can relate tothis a lot because it’s a lot like aspicy Chicken Cacciatore.”One of the more unique dishes- obviously catering to a morehealth-conscious crowd – wasthe Lettuce Shrimp Tacos.

Using a large, firm piece of Romaine Lettuce as a taco shell, loads of shrimp, fresh avocado, roasted corn and salsa fresco areserved with a Mango Poppy seed dressing. This taco is a little messy, and a bit hard to eat, but the dressing is fantastic and combines spectacularly with the shrimp and avocado.

However, it’s not the kind of Mexican food one would expect at Margarita’s, but Vets said that’s the point.

“This draws a whole different crowd,” said Vets. “This is where its at if you’re feeling for spring or summer.”

Still very interesting is the Baja Mahi Tacos, which use good pieces of Mahi Mahi fish in combination with a uniquered and white cabbage mixture. It’s served with a Baja creamsauce.

The finishing touch on the menu is the Sweet Dream Taco,which is an amazing creation of cheese cake stuffed in a flour tortilla and lightly fried. It’s finished with fresh strawberries and hot fudge sauce.

Served with a shot glass of Hershey’s syrup on the side, this is rich. However, it’s good enough that one doesn’t want to leave even a crumb on the plate.

“This one is really catching on,” said Vets. “For me it’s rightup there with the fried ice cream. This is a dessert made in-house.  No one is shipping it in. We prepare each one to order.”

Within a few weeks, the special menu has been successful in Revere and Vets said this is something that Margarita’smight continue on a seasonal basis.

“We’re going to leave this special menu up as long as people seem to be enjoying it,” said Vets. “Eventually, we’re hopingto do one for every season so that we’re capturing the hot flavors of spring, summer, winter and fall.”

Margarita’s is located at the Comfort Inn in Revere, 85 American Legion Hwy. and they open every day at 4 p.m.

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