Twice as Effective – Petruccelli and Reinstein Talk to City Council about Expanded Gaming

For the first time in quite a while Senator Anthony Petruccelli shared the spotlight at Revere City Hall with Representative Kathi-Ann Reinstein. Both of our state house leaders spoke to the council Monday night about an expanded gambling bill.

Senator Petruccelli is ready to go on his bill and has submitted legislation the governor would be inclined to sign.

Representative Reinstein also has a gambling bill ready to file but Speaker Robert DeLeo, has yet to inform his leadership when a bill should be launched in the House that leads to an expanded gambling bill.

Senator Petruccelli views his bill as a revenue and jobs creator. He is unabashed in saying his district (Revere, et al) is in need of such a bill, which would be an economic boost of the first order.

Rep. Reinstein, one of the leaders in the House, said she didn’t think an expanded gambling bill would be taken up until after the budget.

We frankly wonder about whether it is wise to take up the budget – which must be cut by more than $1 billion before taking up a sure fire revenue and jobs bill.

Why cut ones arms and legs off with a deficit budget bill when passing an expanded gambling bill could put $300 million in the state treasury, add another $1.2 billion in capital expenditure and create 10,000 jobs?

Our local leaders, and this includes Speaker DeLeo, need to get a move on or another opportunity is going to pass.

We can’t afford to miss out on an economic revival opportunity such as an expanded gambling bill.

And thinking the governor is going to change his mind about the House offering racino licenses through no-bid contracts – well – that’s not going to happen.

Time is of the essence.

Let’s get a move on, if for no other reason but that this is our district and we’ve got the Speaker leading the pack.

If the Speaker won’t jump in and lead the way, then an expanded gambling bill is not going to happen and that would be a tragedy for our district.


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