Approve It – Eurovest deserves zoning change

Attorney Gerry D’Ambrosio’s request for a zoning change for his client Eurovest should be approved.

Eurovest is the investment and development group putting together the Ocean Avenue development which begins shortly with the construction of a multi-million dollar car parking garage at Wonderland Station.

D’Ambrosio’s effort on behalf of Eurovest seeks to put the finishing touches on zoning for the entire project in order to allow for cohesion as well as the full development of the sprawling site.

The suggested zoning changes finalize and cap almost 40 years of zoning interest and change in that development area.

Buildings can be built closer together. In other words, density is allowed to increase, keeping with federal regulations for transit based developments such as this one.

In addition, 14 story buildings can be built two stories higher as a result of this proposed zoning change.

These extra zoning enhancements give stronger legs to the Eurovest effort which is now well underway.

Attorney D’Ambrosio stated his case clearly and the council took notice.

We urge the council to approve the changes to complete the zoning particulars to give this project every chance for success.

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