At Wonderland – Parking garage tab won’t be paid by the city

There was some talk on Beacon Hill two weeks ago about charging the city of Revere something like $37 million for the new parking garage to be built at Wonderland Station.

That station, announced with fanfare by Governor Patrick and Congressman Markey, will be built largely with state and federal funds and marks a major moment in the Ocean Avenue development.

Some Beacon Hill legislators wanted to charge Revere for the building tab because Revere may get a casino at Suffolk Downs, the perception being that the garage was being built for Suffolk Downs.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and so, after a few very uncomfortable days, Governor Patrick announced that the city and or the casino will not have to pay for the parking garage and the building of it remains on schedule.

This came as good but not entirely unexpected news.

The garage being built at Wonderland benefits those who will commute to Boston as well as those who will be living in condominiums on Ocean Avenue.

It was not intended to directly benefit the casino that might be built at Suffolk Downs.

We’re glad that misunderstanding has been cleared up.

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