Just Say ‘No’ – Entertainment license wouldn’t help the ongoing evolution of Revere Beach

We support the efforts of Revere Beach residents and Councillor John Powers urging the Licensing Board not to grant the license sought by a Revere Beach restaurant seeking to turn itself into something else by offering live music and Karaoke.

It is our hope the Licensing Board, which is set to meet Thursday at city hall on the matter, will take a stand for the future of the beach by denying this request.

Revere Beach needs a reason to exist as a decent place to live.

It doesn’t need another night club.

There is enough commercial business on the beach of the kind it clearly does not need. Adding another night club to the list of dreary clubs that already exist on the beach would be to go from bad to worse.

Restaurants rise and restaurants fail because of one thing only – the quality of the food it serves.

The bottom line, however, is that the beach does not need and will not welcome another night club.

The beach needs to maintain its serenity.

It needs more and better housing, more and better tenants, more and better restaurants and fewer night clubs and bars only.

A major night club would bring major drinking, major driving dangers and the potential for the resulting behavior that comes with life music mixing with alcohol.

The Licensing Board needs to draw a line in the sand on this matter – and at the same time, it should issue an ultimatum to all others operating night clubs on the beach that they, too, must meet the imperatives of a higher standard or be gone.

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