The Highest Paid – In the city, as in life, bosses make more money

City salaries at the highest level are better by a wide margin than ever before.

This is true in Revere, where the ten highest paid city employees are, indeed, highly paid.

Superintendent of Schools Paul Dakin continues to top this list at $185,000 and some change.

And why not?

Dakin runs the equivalent of a $55 million a year corporation with hundreds of employees and thousands who are serviced by the corporation he runs.

In addition, he does a good job, actually, a bit better than good. He is probably in the very good category and Revere’s Public Schools relative success is an extension, we believe, of his leadership.

Police Chief Terence Reardon at $165,000 plus change is also a bargain, given the fact he runs a multi million-dollar public safety outfit with more than 100 employees and a 24/7 mandate to keep the changing city safe.

This is easier said than done but Reardon is on the job everyday and is probably better suited to run the Revere Police Department than anyone else given the level of difficulty involved.

But where does the mayor of the city stand salary wise?

He’s number 31 – not even close to the heavies up high and frankly, doesn’t even make as much as some police lieutenants, school principals and deputy fire chiefs.

We are left to wonder – how is it the mayor, responsible for a $130 million budget, for hundreds and hundreds of employees and ostensibly for the public safety, social and moral needs of a government serving almost 50,000 people – how does this man, in this primary position, make much less than the people serving under him?

We believe that whatever is wrong with American society today, where so much about life seems topsy turvy or turned upside down is reflected in the imbalance of municipal salaries.

The mayor of Revere should be the highest paid public employee in the city.

Any other situation just doesn’t make sense – let alone make good business sense.

We don’t know Louis LaRosa, for instance.

He’s a third year Revere Police Sergeant and we’re told he’s a good guy and does a great job.

Sgt. LaRosa made $1300 more than Mayor Ambrosino this year.

When the mayor was starting out in his career he probably never imagined that a Revere police chief could make $60,000 a year more than him.

Or how about the superintendent of schools making $70,000 a year more than the mayor.

We’ve come a long way in municipal government.

However, until this imbalance is corrected, it sets the wrong example for everyone employed.

The boss and the owner of the corporation always makes more than his employees.

And that’s the way it ought to be.

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