Silent vote – Mayor quiet about re-election plans

While Mayor Tom Ambrosino has indicated that he will no longer talk about rumors of his departure from the corner office, he has never said much at all about an extended stay in the corner office.

Many have postulated for two years that the mayor was leaving at any moment, but as time has ticked away, he has not left and it appears he will finish out his term.

Not even he thought that would happen.

Now the big question amongst everyone is whether or not the mayor will run again in 2011.

Immediately after winning his latest term in 2007, he told the Journal he wouldn’t run again and that following his term it would be time for some fresh ideas from a different mayor.

This week he wouldn’t say whether or not he is running, but certainly many of his supporters hope that he is.

Meanwhile, other politicians with mayoral aspirations aren’t so enthused about the possibility of another Ambrosino term, as it would probably mean they would have to wait their turn once again.

“I refuse to talk about my future here anymore,” he said. “All I will say is I intend on being here until January 2011. That’s all I’m going to say about it. Ask me next spring and maybe I’ll have an answer.”

Will he return or will he not?

None of us know, and the mayor won’t say with any certainty.

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