The Election – All that’s left is the counting

Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.

Everything will move forward. Nothing is going to move forward.

We were all heard. Many of us weren’t heard at all.

Many of us failed to care enough to get out and vote.

The election is done.

Nothing is what it used to be. That ended last year when the national economy almost went down.

Everything that has followed, the bail outs, the health care bill, the wars overseas, the failure of the economy to generate new jobs, high unemployment and the strong sense among our people shared nationwide that there is no going back to yesterday have conspired to leave us feeling that government is stymied and that our direction is lost.

One gets the feeling the solutions we need are not about party but rather, they are about unity.

We need to get together and to work as a team – all Americans. Democrats and Republicans, Independents and everyone else.

The power and greatness of America lies in its people not its parties.

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