The Talbot Case – Long-awaited trial will provide much-needed answers

Three weeks before the trial of those accused of killing Revere Police Officer Dan Talbot is scheduled, the second of the four involved has pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact. Derrick Lodie plead guilty to being an accessory to manslaughter about one month ago. He is likely to serve near to eight years in prison for his role in Talbot’s murder. Gia Nagy got one to two years in prison with 60 days served. She could be out of prison in 10 months.

This leaves the alleged shooter Robert Iacoviello, Jr. and Jimmy Heang an accessory to the murder.

The government appears to be whittling away the lesser participants in this tragic murder, which took place more than two years ago behind Revere High School on a warm late summer evening on the baseball field.

Iacoviello says he didn’t shoot Talbot.

The prosecution insists that they have their man.

Apparently, no one who has already made a deal with the prosecution to plead guilty, will be testifying against Iacoviello.

Let’s all hope that the trial will answer once and for all, the lingering questions about what exactly happened more than two years ago behind Revere High School.

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