The Talbot – Case Plea agreement done in the name of justice

The agreement by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office to allow one of the Talbot murder case principals to plead out is based on sound legal logic.

We believe it puts the case one step closer to adjudication and just about everyone in Revere hoping for justice to be done in this instance has already begun sighing with relief.

When Derek Lodie chose to plead guilty to manslaughter last week in return for an 8-12 year sentence, he was simply doing the math for himself and making the prosecution of this case that much easier.

Lodie has already served more than two years while awaiting trial. That time will be put against what the state has ordered him to serve.

With good behavior, he should be out of prison in about six years or less.

Lodie was not a shooter.

He was an accessory to the crime.

Many questions remain about what exactly happened on that evening on the ball field behind Revere High School.

The shooting death of Officer Daniel Talbot and the investigation into it has not been simple or neat and clean.

The group that witnessed his death were all drinking and carrying their weapons while off-duty and everything about the scenario of events that took place leading up to the shooting death of Talbot are up for interpretation, dependent upon whom you are speaking with.

The trial is set for early next year.

Perhaps justice will finally be done.

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