Two Years and Counting – The Talbot case faces yet another postponement

The Daniel Talbot homicide investigation is now at two years and counting.

It appears the prosecution of those apparently involved in the Revere police officer’s murder on the ball field behind Revere High School has grown so complex that the trial scheduled to begin in January might very will be postponed again.

The trial has been postponed a number of times, leading to a situation where those being held in jail accused of the murder will have spent almost 27 months behind bars when the trial finally begins, if it begins.

Since that balmy night Talbot was shot to death behind Revere High School, questions have abounded about what really happened.

Despite the assertions of a number of high ranking Revere police officers that this was a open and shut case, the postponement of the trial, and the disarray shared by the prosecution and the defense team, is something to behold.

The prosecution of those responsible for killing a police officer is something generally accomplished with swiftness.

The snail’s pace at which this homicide is coming to trial puts into question whether or not those accused and being held behind bars are being given the advantage of a speedy trial – and a speedy trial is to be given to everyone coming into the court system under the constitution. It is a guarantee.

Perhaps 27 months before trial is speedy. We don’t believe so.

Much has changed since Talbot was apparently gunned down by one of the three young people being held behind bars.

As we go further from that night, the details become murkier. Some people change their testimony. Others become available for the prosecution when other legal matters pending against them are dropped.

The Talbot case coming to trial is all about inertia and a partially botched investigation and evidence problems, as we are led to understand the situation.

It is true that the defense has pleaded for more time repeatedly and has gotten it.

Now is the time to go to trial.

The killing of a young policeman and the circumstances surrounding his homicide must be adjudicated – not only for those who are charged with the murder, but for those who witnessed it, who were standing by Talbot’s side when he was shot, or who were there and who fled the scene.

The nagging questions must be answered. Justice must be done.

The public demands to know who shot Daniel Talbot and why?

More importantly, why has it taken so long to go to trial in a case that was called open and shut by Revere police officials?

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