So, Who’s next? – Quality candidates emerge

Six votes of the City Council will determine who takes over the position where John Henry left off last Friday.

It is Mr. Henry’s hope that he will be succeeded by someone who knows the job, who is devoted to it, who would remain exclusively driven by it and whom he trained and whom he believes will execute the duties of the office flawlessly.

That person is Assistant City Clerk Ashley Melnik.

Melnik also has the support of former mayor, now City Councilor-at-Large George Colella, At-Large Councillor Tony Zambuto and Ward Councillor Charlie Patch, and At- Large Councillor John Correggio is believed to be leaning toward Melnik.

Others who have submitted applications for the job are local Attorney Larry Simeone, Assessor John Verrengia and Robert Cronin, the city’s sealer of weights and measures.

Council President Dan Rizzo is committed to Verrengia.

Colella said the next clerk must work full-time and must be from the city.

Simeone and Cronin live outside of the city. Simeone has a full-time law practice.

Verrengia is an accountant with a private practice.

Having a full-time job and wanting to be the city clerk are incompatible to Colella.

“It doesn’t mix and it won’t happen,” he said.

While a vote of the City Council will determine who succeeds Mr. Henry, it might make sense to allow the master to be followed by his student.

Whatever happens, the appointment should be made on merit.

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