John Henry’s Legacy – He served with dignity and honesty

The retirement of City Clerk John Henry marks a moment in the city’s modern history when it is losing one of its most capable public servants.

It has been more than 31 years since Mr. Henry was given his position by the Revere City Council.

His appointment, at the time, was a political act of the first order. However, over the years, Mr. Henry has become among the most apolitical public servants in this city, a reputation he values, and which a successor should be made aware of before being considered as his replacement.

Mr. Henry is a college man, a very smart guy who understands everything about the job of the city clerk – and then some.

He is a success in every measure and has conducted himself in a pristine fashion.

Those of us who have known him and who have high respect for him could find him in his office every day, all day, without question.

Mr. Henry is the guardian of the city’s rules and regulations. Early on, he set the example others should follow by playing by those rules exclusively, without exception.

He is a man of integrity. He is close-mouthed about the city’s business. He has no alliances and holds no allegiances but to the oath he took to perform his duties.

Mr. Henry is unique among the many personalities who have come and gone from City Hall over the years.

His word was always his bond. He couldn’t be bought. He made no deals and he sought none.

He came into the service of the city as a young man.

He has gone the full circle of his life in service to his city.

He served it well.

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