A Summer Without – Lousy forecasts and dampened spirits

This is the summer that has never really arrived, the ghost that cannot be seen, the cat that isn’t let out of the proverbial bag.

The summer is all bottled up somewhere, lurking inside a flask like a precious brew, too expensive to be poured right now or no one around to let the genie out of the bottle.

It is the dead of summer, but the weather won’t cooperate. It is a bit like a woman who is pregnant well into her ninth month but the baby hasn’t made its move yet to come out into the world.

Many of us can hide whenever we want, but how does a summer get away from the public eye and from our collective psyche?

Fact is, it doesn’t.

It is summer. There is simply no weather to remind us of this fact.

Will this be the summer that never arrived?

It’s beginning to look that way, isn’t it?

Twenty-four days of rain in June and now it is July and the rain is falling again.

If you’re a handicapper and your business is predicting horse races, then you know how hard it is for the meteorologist to predict the weather.

At the track, the question is never about whether or not the horses are going to run – it is about who is going to win or what horse will place where.

It is the same with predictions about summer.

The prediction isn’t about whether or not summer is going to come; rather, it is about what the weather will be like during the bulk of the summer.

Will it be a hot summer, a cloudy summer, a summer without rain, a summer with love or without love – a summer to remember or a summer to forget?

Handicappers know their stuff – New Englanders, too.

From what has come before, we know that this summer is already a bust.

There may be a few weeks of steady sun and warmth this summer. There may even be a short heat wave.

But it is beginning to appear that the summer of 2009 is a bit like a horse that pulled up lame at the beginning of the race when everyone had bet on it as a favorite.

There truly is no rest for the weary.

The rainy summer dampens everything.

It dampens the spirit. It dampens the present. It dampens the future.

If only man were God and we could make the summer appear.

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