The Fourth of July ‘09 – Celebrating our 233rd year of independence

This year marks the 233rd year of American Independence.

It has been the best of years. It has been the worst of years. It is to be a summer filled with great hope. It is to be a summer that won’t be without major despair.

The nation is a vastly changed place from what it was last year at this time.

The mighty nation is led by an African American. The election of Barack Obama stirred the world.

The American people showed that American democracy is the great light among those millions on this earth struggling to be free.

After all, man is born free, and everywhere, he is in shackles.

That’s how the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau viewed mankind before the American Revolution electrified the world.

President Obama’s election, however, has been superseded by the near collapse of the American banking system – and the following near collapse of the world economy.

In the 233rd year of American independence, the nation has suffered the loss of $15 trillion in equity values that disappeared from spread sheets and banks, pension funds and retirement accounts.

Our homes are worth less. Our money earns no interest. Our portfolios are cut in half and worse.

The banking system failed. The American business model is in disarray.

Millions are unemployed. Millions more have lost their homes.

We are all staring into a brave new world, which is a bit like staring into the heart of darkness.

But all that will change. Business will improve. The downward economic cycle will improve over time.

For all the failures in business and equities, our democracy remains strong.

The election of President Obama showed that in modern America, freedom rings. Those who opposed the election of Obama haven’t been beaten by thugs, shot, or imprisoned for not wanting him elected.

It isn’t a crime to support political, social and moral change in this nation.

In fact, it is a duty to maintain the belief and the possibility for American democracy to always better itself.

The smooth transition of power to a new American president proved to the world that American democracy is strong, that the American Dream is alive, and that America talks the talk and walks the walk.

As we celebrate Independence Day, all of us should be thankful for the great position in this world our nation holds.

Post Bush America is a better place.

To those who live in shackles all over the world, there is the hope that America inspires.

Thank God for the United States of America.

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