A show of leadership – Rizzo’s motion was a step in the right direction

Council President Dan Rizzo entered a motion before the City Council Monday night asking the council to do away with the one day pension benefit, that is, serving one day into a new year as a city employee (and then retiring immediately) and receiving a larger pension based on an extra year served.

The motion caused some heated discussion but wasn’t passed.

It was apparently held over for discussion next week.

By entering this motion, Rizzo set himself apart from most of his colleagues by showing leadership that would befit a mayor – and Rizzo, of course, wants to be the next mayor of Revere.

Ward 4 Councillor George Rotondo also showed leadership potential by entering a motion that was also discussed Monday night and seeks not only to do away with the one day pension benefit but also with the longevity stipend.

The longevity payments to those who have worked previously for the city before serving in public office here were the subject of a front-page Boston Globe piece two weeks ago.

In other words, some elected public officials are collecting pensions from the city as well as city council salaries and an added bonus because of their time served.

Rotondo, however, wasn’t present to debate his motion Monday night. He was on vacation with his family.

This motion, too, is expected to be discussed at the next council meeting.

During a time when government excess is being debated from one end of the state to the other, it might make sense for the mayor and the City Council to review the city’s pension practices in order to eliminate unfair advantages given to public officials.

The City Council must be the example by which the right way of doing business in this city is measured.

It shouldn’t be the poster child for excess and abuse.

The sooner everyone in public office realizes that many eyes are now focused on the Revere City Council’s pension practices, the sooner changes can be made that satisfy taxpayers and people from the outside who are vilifying this community.

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